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store pillow update…

New merchandise in the store right now.. check it! available here…

New Zealand.. via Instagram

A collection of photographs from our month long trip down under….

smack my mac

I am a sucker for a good hearty mac n cheese… I found a recipe online called “fanny farmer mac n cheese” with a couple of tweaks it was good to go! Baked Mac n Cheese (adapted from here.. it is easily doubled) 1/2 box elbow macaroni 1 c milk + 1 c cream combined […]

veggie BALLS!

Always on the lookout for good vegetarian recipes I first spied this on The Huff Post as part of their best recipes series.  Since we are only a household of 2, I immediately chopped the recipe in half… but if you are feeding an army or at least more than 2… you can easily double […]

labor weekend recap…

It was once again absolutely stunning weather… a gal can most certainly get used to this. Unfortunately, however I think its about to crap out with rain in the forecast. Oh well, it was a good run while it lasted. It was all bustle around the wee house over the weekend, with various projects on […]

big weekend…

It was a big weekend at the wee house, we hosted our most amount of guests ever! 8 adults and a 2 year old…. the weather maintained its gorgeous stretch with a few much needed showers on Sunday.  We had a lot of fun with croquet, bandminton, frisbee, farmers markets, sparklers at night and lots […]

Happy 4th….

It’s a flurry of activity before guests arrive, it’s a picture perfect Catskills day… and to all of those in the good ole U.S of A…. have a great one!!    

it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Spied this on the Huff Post this morning… can’t imagine the electric bills! thank you Huffington Post for being a constant source of inspiration!

Versace for H&M

Well look what’s about to launch… super sexy!


I have always loved the classic Saarinen table… but I’m kinda over the whole look with the matching chairs, so a google search of came up with these amazing combinations mixing modern danish with vintage of various design. LOVE LOVE LOVE!