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cinder block planters…

I usually find that the best garden ideas originate where the climate is a little on the kinder gentler side than where I live…  ah the grass is always greener eh?  I do love a dessert type climate, succulents, cacti and the like… but up here in the North East, our weather is extremely unfriendly […]


Now is the time I reap the benefits of the tomatoes planted sometime in June, being a little bit further north and a little bit higher up our tomatoes come in later but boy are they here. Every year my guru tomato guy gives me different varieties to try, some slight variations of what I […]

currently obsessing over…

AIR PLANTS! have you ever seen these crazy things…. so freakin cool and weird and kinda other worldly… they survive solely on air (hence the name!) and come in all different shapes and sizes.. I can’t wait to stick some of these in my new kitchen.  This and this is a good online source… more […]

wouldn’t you love this…

awesome picnic table! thanks Ash for sending it my way….

first flowers…

I LOVE June! June means buds blooming and right on track are my favorites. Peonies. Along with two very beautiful, very impressive Iris’s. my pride and joy!

off with their heads!

I did feel a bit mean… BUT the chives were just OUT OF CONTROL in the garden, I couldn’t keep up with them. See… the crazy thing is… they are already growing back! Does anyone have some chive recipes for me?

tomatoes 2.0

Well last week in the mountains we had weather ranging from 95F plummeting down to 55F with 35+ mile gusting winds.  But the real drama started when I discovered my precious baby tomato plants, which I had just planted, pretty much got annihilated by the unbelievable wind. I’m devastated,  much like my poor tomatoes, it […]

sweet meat

Yip that’s what I have because mosquito’s LOVE me… I mean they really, really LOVE ME.  It doesn’t matter if I have practically dipped myself in bug spray they will still find a way to get me. And I don’t just get little bites, I get massive, honking, angry red ones that eventually turn septic. […]

NOT a very Catskill Kiwi

You may have noticed I haven’t been posting very many Catskill updates these days… I have however been extremely lucky to have had a lot of work lately which keeps me tied to NYC and away from my beloved mountain! BUT with this past three day holiday weekend I ran around like a crazy lunatic, […]

I made tea!

Okay so you’re probably thinking making tea is hardly a challenge, well my friends I made COMPOST tea. When we bought the wee house the previous owners had a scrap pile in the woods surrounded by chicken wire, which for the most part worked well other than it gave me the heebee geebees going back […]