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Piccalilli… chow chow

I totally grew up on “chow chow”, cheese and pickle sammies were a school time favorite so when I stumbled across this British recipe to make your own, I had to give it a shot.  It’s pretty authentic and tastes exactly how I remember it to be.  Nothing like fresh baked bread, a good smear […]

Thanksgiving….turkey alternatives?

HELLO! yes I know, long time no hear… both fortunately and unfortunately I have been traveling a lot for work and therefore my little blog has fallen by the wayside. BUT I’ve finally got a few days to myself, upstate at the weehouse and time for some fun projects, baking, cooking and more importantly rantings… […]

the mighty mac

This culinary gem of a nugget I spied here in my daily read The Huffington Post food section, under the dramatic title of “Ten things to do with Mac n Cheese before you die”… well maybe. a selection of the choicest recipes… ha 1. Sushi Mac n Cheese 2. Mac n Cheeseburger 3. Mac n […]

do you have $650 for a book?

I know pricey right, BUT it’s not just any old book… Modernist Cuisine is a 6 volume cookbook set with 2,400 pages is a “deep investigation into the science and physics of cooking, filled with avant garde techniques…” Totally awesome, totally unique, totally weird, I’m totally obsessed and I have to totally start saving now! […]

what does one do…

when  one’s husband doesn’t eat meat or fish and ONLY certain types of shellfish.. hmmm unusual I know.  This year, finding ourselves quietly alone for thanksgiving we decided to make a non traditional/traditional feast with the usual thanksgiving suspects cranberry sauce, brussel sprouts with almonds, mashed potatoes and crab cakes! yip crab cakes. Mr Weiss’s […]

state fair excess

My favorite source for information The Huffington Post ran this “food” related nugget of an article the other day…. OMG, food?? seriously… be prepared to be intrigued… and more… Here’s some of my personal fav’s. Hash Brown Hotdog – San Diego County Fair Deep Fried Cheddar Bacon Mashed Potatoes – Minnesota State Fair Fried Beer […]

Windham inspiration…

Up here in the mountains everything is half an hour away…. 30 minutes to anywhere we say.  But one of those anywhere’s we are discovering is the little town of Windham, home to Windham Mountain, a 4 screen movie theater, giant sunflowers, the summertime sky ride… it was a little weird to “walk” off the […]

farmers markets…

Up here in ye ole Catskill Mountains you can’t swing a cat without hitting a farmers market, quite a luxury and we get spoiled  for choice. It’s everything from coolers on the side of the road with fresh farm eggs that you can just reach in, leave the money (honesty boxes still work up here […]

west taghkonic diner

A week or so ago Mr Weiss and I hightailed it back to NYC via the Taconic State Parkway, in an effort to avoid the masses on 87, what a pretty drive, what a mighty fine diner we stopped at for some good ole fashioned food. good ole condiment section clam chowder which was fantastic… […]


This pretty much sums up the amazing six day stretch of weather we are still enjoying up here in the Catskill mountains.   The wee house had a plethora of guests over July 4th weekend, and by plethora I mean four humans and two canines, which is our record to date,  everyone opted to camp […]