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The agonizing search for affordable outdoor furniture is in full swing!!  Unfortunately its not as easy as you would think.. the deck is essentially a blank slate, since…

1. we doubled the size of it

2. the old outdoor table smashed to smithereens in a high wind and I proclaimed NO GLASS OUTDOOR FURNITURE.. after spending hours upon hours picking safety glass off the lawn.

Hence the search… I can’t decide on style, I love MODERN MODERN and more modern, my house however is not modern… so I really need to swallow it and find something that suits the style of the house and is also something I like. The other shocking realization is that most outdoor furniture is quite expensive!! Thinking you can just randomly pick something half way decent up for cheap is proving to be not possible… well so far.  I only really have one thing to consider when buying, there must be some weight to the furniture as our little house gets some high winds and that shit can blow the hell around. So weight is a must!

This is what I have scoped out so far…

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1. West Elm Montauk Nest chairs… looks super comfy love the round barrel shape. On sale right now for $499.00 down from $799.00, which I think is pretty expensive for what it is.

2. CB2 Acapulco Chair… all reviews say this is a great chair. $249.00 each, not a bad price, but they nail you on shipping $139.00… need to find a free shipping coupon or sale. Might be too light for my windy deck, not sure.

3. Restoration Hardware Wyatt Kinetic Lowback Chair. Love the look of this chair, would probably supplement with some fun colored cushions, on sale now for $245.00 which I think is pretty good considering Restoration Hardware items are pretty well made and this would be a solid chair. Shipping is $125.00. A definite contender.

4. West Elm Huron Chair… SWOON SWOON SWOON… now this is what I would really really want! It’s priced at $699.00… yikes! oh but how I love it.. also has a little ottoman and side table.  Of course its already on back order until September 2013 some time… wondering if I waited there would be any chance in hell it will go on sale???

5. West Elm Tillary Outdoor Sofa… Ideally I would love a new dining set, outdoor chaiz type lounger and a couple of chairs to put in a different area of the deck.. Yeah I know KA-CHING is right. This I think is a pretty good deal considering what you get. $899.00… but it was just on sale for about $749.00… would keep an eye out also on this one to see if it dropped in price again.

6. This picture I found online as some sofa inspiration, I would knock something like this up with some 2 x 4 and slat boards, outdoor foam and fabric (or get some Ikea or Target “bench” cushions) and BOOM.. you got yourself a stylish made to order sofa situation. Total cost estimate $350.00… although this is a wild stab in the dark.

7 & 8 are also inspirational pictures of different looks I love. I bought bamboo fencing from Home Depot for about $24.00 a roll and we wired that to the deck structure for some shade. Then added Smith and Hawkens outdoor filament bulb string lights for ambiance. $24.00 for 10 lights.

9. Ikea Angso table with 3 chairs and a bench… $459.00 for the set. Well you can’t beat the price, but for my windy spot the only question would be how heavy the furniture actually is.. “made from solid wood” could be lightweight or heavy. Will have to see this in person before committing.

10. Ikea Sundero table with 4 chairs and 2 benches… love this also and at $753.00 its a lot of bang for your buck. Same concerns as above regarding the Ikea furniture wood weightiness.. could be an issue.

So I am still looking, looking, looking… summer will most likely be over before I find what I want and what I can afford!



  1. Posted June 23, 2013 at 4:45 pm | Permalink

    That last set could be weighed down with mini sandbags draped over the crossbeams when necessary. 🙂

    • thecatskillkiwi
      Posted June 23, 2013 at 4:56 pm | Permalink

      Good Idea!! Maybe you can just lay across it and weight it down that way too… 🙂 Human sandbag.

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