pillow fight, anyone?

I have been toying around with starting a sewing project for awhile now… ever since i finished my two knitting projects…

photo 2photo 3-1

you’re sensing a theme right?

But how many blankets does one gal need? I’ve always wanted to get back into sewing.. which… cough cough I remember from my childhood waaaay back when.  Hannukah Santa (ie Mr Weiss) bought me a sewing machine for Xmas and that was it.  I was off and running… again squares being the thing I seem to be drawn to. I am know ready to launch the Catskill Kiwi Pillow Company!

Check it out..

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These are all made using sourced vintage and new Mexican Saltillo and Serape blankets. Each blanket only yields a limited quantity of 2-3 per peice, so they are completely unique and sometimes one of a kind. Soft, colorful with lots of different patterns and textures to choose from. All filled with 100% new feather inserts with zipper enclosure.

Currently sold on my etsy store…. And if you are in the NYC area, at Cafiero Select in the East Village.


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