labor weekend recap…

It was once again absolutely stunning weather… a gal can most certainly get used to this. Unfortunately, however I think its about to crap out with rain in the forecast. Oh well, it was a good run while it lasted. It was all bustle around the wee house over the weekend, with various projects on the go. We had to finish off the plumbing for the electrician who allegedly is coming Tuesday morning, I’m personally not holding my breath as I’ve heard that “I’ll be there in the morning” declaration before.  But at least we finished it and started the tub filling process.  I had my fingers stuffed into my mouth in anticipation of the hose going in and then water just cascading out of the tub, like a massive leaky boat. BUT so far not a drop… I’m checking every few minutes to see if we have sprung a leak!

We also took advantage of the Labor day nursery sales and loaded up on some gorgeous evergreens to fill in under the deck and hide the plumbing system for the tub, so there we some HOLES to dig… oh damn you Delaware county and the ROCKS you hide beneath the CLAY soil.  Its not an easy task getting anything in the ground… but we have planted 3 out of 7 and the pick axe gets wielded again tomorrow.

The tomatoes are all ripening and we have a wonderful variety again this year… but the most exciting is the abundance of concord grapes that we are lucky enough to be here while they are ripening… last year the critters got every last one!  So I am watching the vines like a hawk getting in before the competition.  A few photos for your visual reference, hope everyone had a wonderful relaxing weekend.

beautiful drive to nursery, our wee deer friends guarding house, favorite hydrangea bush

maiden filling of tub!, line of evergreens, plumbing finished and hidden and plants in place…

tree line up… yellow cyprus, thuja, dwarf blue spruce, miniature pine, holly, miniature pine tree, smokebush… the lineup might have changed slightly but the core group are these bad boys.

2nd filling… moving bushes around getting their positions just right! AND grapes….


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