san antonio pt 2

Just to get you all up to speed, Mr Weiss is on a 3 1/2 month work program in San Antonio and I am shuttling back and forth to NYC between jobs. What I’ve discovered so far…

The river walk is beautiful, I could spend hours walking around the river day or night… night time it gets very twinkly with lights strung everywhere, loads of restaurants… yes it’s very touristy but its supposed to be.

Favorite restaurant is Rosarios on Sth Alamo Road… totally awesome Mexican food.

Loved learning about the Alamo.

I’m obsessed with Queso (melty cheese dip)

Rental bikes around the city, yet to try but definitely on the list.

If you want to pass off as a local you say “I’m a river rat”.

Practically nobody lives “downtown” there being only one apartment building to speak of and subsequently there are no supermarkets or deli’s of any kind. I did find a dollar store that has some dried goods… all shopping is done outside of downtown San Antonio.

There are a lot of homeless people here… maybe I’m in a more touristy area, but seriously you can’t walk 3 feet without someone asking for money.

Have yet to buy Cowboy Boots!


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