2011 food trends..

I love it when the end of the year rolls around all the lists start popping up… best stories of 2011, best wedding dresses, celebrity couples, celebrity breakup, you get the idea and then there’s the inevitable food trends. I spied this on the Huffington Post.

1. Insects… seriously, I mean really? are we that hard up for protein?? Gimmick fad that will fade, my prediction.

2. Fancy Donuts… now this is more like it. With my close proximity to Donut Plant on Grand street I have more than sampled my fair share of fancy donuts. My favorite flavors include coconut cream filled, PB&J, key lime, mango, pear, pistachio…

3. Bitters. Personally I love bitters, nothing punches up a refreshing glass of seltzer with a good splash of bitters.

4. Uncommon Chinese flavors… any Chinese food is all good with me.

5. Pimento cheese ball… with the classy Ritz crackers of course, welcome back to the 70’s.

6. Foraging.. from the farm to the table to foraging for your food this is probably the biggest food trend for this year, just mind your mushrooms, what you don’t identify just might kill ya.

7. Fancy fried chicken.. not sure what constitutes “fancy” the rosemary garnish? but I’ll eat any fried chicken fancy or otherwise, fried is fried!

8. Macaroons… I’m more in love with the look of them rather than the taste.

8. Meatballs… takeaway the sub and you got yourself gourmet.



  1. Posted December 11, 2011 at 6:09 am | Permalink

    I wonder if Ritz crackers are like Jatz? I ♥ Jatz, tacky little crackers that they are.

    Yeah I get what you mean about macaroons, they look gorgeous but seem like they would be really dry and overly sweet. I don’t get fads really, I just eat what I like tbh!

  2. Posted January 24, 2012 at 9:35 am | Permalink

    yay! here i thought i was the “rube”.i HATE macaroons. beautiful, but ick. strangely i was taken in by them again last week… i think i’ll post my pics and blog about this. 😉

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