face lift…

Nope not for me! The wee house is getting a partial face lift. For some time now Mr Weiss and I have been fantasizing (okay just me really) about a little upgrade I’ve had in mind.  With have a small house (750sq ft) and a small side deck (12 x 16) we thought one way to extend our inside/outdoor living area would be to build a deck extension.

So whilst the plans have not been finalized as yet, I can’t help but scope out on ebay the fabulous vintage finds for outdoor furniture. I found some amazing pieces on ebay.

gorgeous modern wire mesh table…. and how about a pop of turquoise with these cane saucer chairs?

5o’s modern wicker chair set or a 70’s slated olive green and pale lemon grooviness

1930’s bamboo lounger… oh yeah.

but I’m also really loving the Banda line from Anthropologie… uber chic!

banda chaise, banda chair, banda ottoman… I love the Banda!


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  1. jill
    Posted June 27, 2011 at 7:05 pm | Permalink

    Love the wicker!

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