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You know how at the end of the year there is always the best of the year that was… you know trends, celebrities, style watch, stories (both good and bad) but here’s one that totally caught my eye…

Ten Weirdest New Species of 2010: Editors Picks! Holla now we’re talking! check out these beauties… original source here.

“tyrant leech king” discovered in Peru… I think I saw something like this on an X Files episode once! this thing will give you nightmares.   Would be kinda cute if it didn’t want to make you want to throw up slightly…

Good grief…. its a purple octopus? found off the Atlantic coast of Canada. What the hell is going on up there??

“Yoda Bat” may the force be with you my friend, me thinks you need it, found Papua New Guinea, which is NOT on my list of places to travel…

“Ninja” Slug… hey little guy all green and shit what’ up with that tail? well apparently it’s 3 x as long as your head… hmmm found in Borneo.

“Wood eating Catfish” oh come on seriously this dude eats WOOD… wood? surely there’s something better down there to be munching on… consider this next time you’re ordering “catfish” tacos.. it might be with a side of wood!

“Squid Worm” okay buddy make your mind up are you a “squid” or a “worm” what’s this double species thing you’ve got going on and talk about not pushing the envelope in “naming” this new creature.

“Pink Handfish” hey dude why the angry face? we’re just getting to know each other, apparently this guy uses his “hands” to “walk” along the bottom of the ocean rather than to swim… great, good luck with that, found in Australia.

Here’s to you 2010, what the hell will they find in 2011?


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  1. Posted January 11, 2011 at 9:26 am | Permalink

    Hahahaha. Love the newly found creatures!

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