rhubarb cake

I was so utterly beside myself when I first saw this recipe over on the Wednesday Chef and promptly declared to myself, at first sight of rhubarb I would be making this… having now made it I’m not sure what I think of it.  I’m confused, a cake? I don’t thinks so, a pie? not really either, I called it some fruit encased in a weird biscuit like coffin, not sure why you wouldn’t just make a pie dough and be done with it, but my guests insisted they liked it.

Recipe here… the only thing I changed was the sugar content and type, I used 3/4 c raw brown sugar.

come to mama! quite possibly my favorite thing ever… well after Mr Weiss of course.

very crumbly dough, you will need to work it a bit to get it to come together…

cut rhubarb mixed with sugar, pie, sorry cake filling.

took about 1 hour to bake.  Yes my guests swore black and blue and actually devoured the “cake”, me I prefer a pie any day. You decide.


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