blueberry sorbet

In anticipation of blueberry picking season right around the corner, I am still working my way through the last of the 17lbs of blueberries we picked last summer, yes that’s right 17lbs… batch after batch of blueberry pierogies, which if you haven’t tried yet are really really really delicious or you could try this one, or crikey do both!!

Blueberry Sorbet

4 c blueberries pureed and strained through a fine mesh strainer, discard all skins and pulp

2 tbsp  lemon or lime juice

1 c simple syrup (made from 2 c water and 1 c sugar boiled until sugar is dissolved and cooled)

1/4 tsp guar gum (optional, this is for consistency only)

Mix all ingredients together and churn in ice cream maker.

I used a food processor to mangle the berries into a pulp, then a fine mesh stainer helping it through with a spatchula.

all the ingredients added and mixed well, before hitting the ice cream machine.

now that’s a great looking and tasting sorbet, if I do say so myself!


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