a quiet weekend

Yes it was and thank god too.

Last weekend, we arrived back from Iceland late on Friday night,  then legged it upstate the following day, went snowboarding and being not as well rested as I should have been I totally wiped out off the lift (yes embarrassing!!), twisted my ankle, which resulted in the limp of shame down the mountain.  Then it was back to the house, I got sick with a cold, back to NYC, had to work, still recovering sniffling and hobbling and limped on through to the weekend. PHEW.

Saturday had a quiet stroll, well quiet maybe not, slow yes, through Chinatown with some fuel along the way…

steamed veggie dumplings and kimchee, delicious.  Dumping House on Essex street.  $5 bucks. Then on Grand Street there was this nugget….

a street side booth with this elaborate contraption making tiny cream filled cream cakes.  8 for $2 bucks or 25 for $5 bucks.  I couldn’t walk by this one.

Piping hot with a runny cream center.  YUM!  You’ll find me lurking around this corner again.

Went and saw “Up in the Air”, the new Jason Reitman movie, pretty great, watched a smidge of the SAG awards, for fashion only, what is with Drew Barrymore’s do these days?  I love her, but the bird’s nest has got to go.

Sunday was spent trawling through my Iceland pictures to upload for you dudes and figuring out my TAXES without loosing too much hair from pulling it out in frustration.  I’m wearing a cap today! HAHA.


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