Yip, I LOVE leftovers…. I may even like them better than the original meal, and as of today I am working on 5 straight days of turkey leftovers.  Mr Weiss’s very small family gathers every year in Southold, Long Island, for the thanksgiving festivities and for the past 2 years the turkey has been made like so…

that’s right folks, we utilized the gas grill outside, giving the groaning oven inside some slight relief, moist and delicious you can even add some wood chips.  Mr Weiss’s family is notorious for the divvying up of the leftovers, which happens immediately once you’ve stuffed yourself the first time around.  Out come the containers, sharpies in hand for naming and every one gets their load, or as I like to call it, “personal feed bag”, for the trip home.  Like a well oiled machine nothing gets left out including my personal favorite a small jar of gravy, which I get to hog due to Mr Weiss’s vegetarian tendency AND I get my own personal bag of bird to nibble on.. and on, and on.

So that’s thanksgiving for this year over, now it’s the downhill slide towards Christmas… how was your bird day?


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