Since our spectacular NYC lunch last week… it got me thinking what other totally great foodie deals there are to be had in NYC, so I’ve hodge podged a list together…

Cafe Orlin 41 St Marks Place. Breakfast special $6 bucks for eggs, home fries, toast, oj and a good ole cappuccino.

Soba -ya 229 East 9th St.  Early bird dinner special (5.30pm-6.30pm) $18 bucks will get you assorted appetizer plate, tempura, plain soba or udon (hot or cold), Inari sushi and dessert, awesome deal.  I’m always slouched over at the bar evidence here.

Jean Gorg 1 Central Park West. Lunch Special $28.00, probably THE deal in the city.  I just wrote about it here. Nothing more to add other than, put on your party frock and go!

Dumpling House 118A Eldridge St. Umm come on the most expensive item on the menu is $3 bucks.  I recommend you get either the vegetable or chive dumplings and scallion pancake sandwich.  After you’ve jammed this in the gob, take a short walk and finish off your lunch with a spectacular…

Doughnut Plant, 379 Grand St. SERIOUSLY great donuts, seasonal flavors and $2 bucks a pop.  My favorite flavors so far, key lime, peanut butter and jelly, coconut cream filled and pear (um yes I can admit to be somewhat addicted to these), but anyway great way to finish off your dueling dumpling and doughnut lunch and it cost you a whopping $6 bucks total.

Punjabi Deli & Grocery, although we just call it “taxi cab indian” because of the slew of yellow parked outside a tiny step down store front on Houston, btwn 1st ave and avenue a.  Delicious all vegetarian take out dishes. Super duper cheap $2.50 for rice with 2 veggie sides. Samosas for $1 buck and don’t skip their fabulous hot spiced chai $1.

and last but not least… right around the corner and a proverbial staple for me…

Casa Adela 66 Avenue C. THE best rotisserie chicken I have ever tasted. 1/2 a bird with black or red beans, white or yellow rice is about $7.50. They also have sweet fried plantains, fresh squeezed juices, and cafe con leche dirt cheap.  Just DON’T go any later than about 7.30 coz you will be sorely disappointed, this is an early dining crowd down here and once the stuff is gone its GONE, they don’t make more.  And also DON’T expect a smiling face, they are as surly as shit in there, but the food is totally worth it!

Bon Appetit!



  1. Jill
    Posted October 10, 2009 at 7:06 pm | Permalink

    Will there be other lists on your favourite “country” places to visit? or your favourite shoe shops….LOL, just kidding on the last one. 🙂

  2. thecatskillkiwi
    Posted October 12, 2009 at 4:35 pm | Permalink

    favorite country shops.. hmm that’s quite a good idea!

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