you should see my kitchen…

Because I’m such a multi-tasking do-gooder, inspired (or at a loss) with the absence of Mr Weiss, I am simultaneously baking chocolate cupcakes, churning blood orange sorbet and whisking lemon curd over a double boiler…. ambitious or gone off the deep end… you be the judge.  If none of these end up being later posts you’ll know why.  So far I’ve only burnt my stomach, huh? well I leaned too far into the stove with me toothpick in hand and hit my belly on the oven door, NO not because it was hanging out, okay maybe a little bit, but more because I’m not very good at doing laundry and somehow my tees end up kiddie sized, (tips anyone??)



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  1. Jill
    Posted April 12, 2009 at 6:16 pm | Permalink

    Tees too short??? check what temperature you are washing your clothes in, or read the instructions on the label….cold water is the only guarantee on stopping your clothes shrinking!

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