overnight oatmeal

My new favorite thing to eat for breakfast is…. overnight crock pot oatmeal, chuck everything into a crock pot, switch it on low and 8 hours later breakfast is ready, like the elves made it during the night… its a no brainer,  anything can go into it, well ….. within reason.

oatmeal 1

oatmeal 2

2 cups steel cut oats, 8 cups water, roughly 2 cups chopped dried fruit (although I didn’t exactly measure this I’m sure it won’t hurt) I used raisins, currants, dates, peaches, apples. Stir. Set clock. DONE.

oatmeal 3


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  1. Stephanie
    Posted February 22, 2009 at 9:29 am | Permalink

    My “slow-cooker” obsessed hubby will love this! When pondering what to eat, his answer is ALWAYS, “I could make something in the slow-cooker…”. Crazy idea to do oatmeal!

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