jing fong

In my quest to continue giving my out of town guest’s the NYC experience we did Dim Sum on Sunday,  great idea and if you haven’t gone, GO but just do one thing we unfortunately didn’t… GET THERE BEFORE 11.30 otherwise it is a mosh pit of rabid hungry people on the verge of rioting! when your number is finally called it is like winning the lottery and you can relish the smug feeling of leaving the sea of people behind you that foolishly arrived later, turn your back on those later comers and ride the escalator up into the MADNESS that awaits…. its worth it.

stand outs

chive dumplings

B/Q pork buns

shrimp dumplings

some sort of weird hazelnut fried jelly thingy

fried stuff

chinese greens, not sure what they are called but delish


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  1. Posted February 16, 2009 at 6:50 pm | Permalink

    brilliant, have fun in the country while i roast in the land of the long white cloud ….and rain…and heat..and sun.

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