ok since the car still is sitting idle in the driveway…. i need a project to tackle, the country life is well…. quiet and since I didn’t feel like throwing myself down the local mountain on my snowboard and Nate’s working, its up to me to amuse myself!

My good friend Amy, who is the most amazing vegan baker/chef and who will soon have her own tantalizing blog…stay tuned, just sent me a link to Within all of about 3 minutes of looking around at the posted recipes, I already have the chopping board out and are simultaneously caramelizing onions and whipping up a batch of scones at the same time, (every good kiwi knows a fool proof scone recipe!) it’s what we survived on. And a caramelized onion dip, yummy, Nate will be a happy husband. I may just have to snowshoe around the yard to work it all off…


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